Stories from Peru is a collaborative online project that publishes translated contemporary Peruvian literature. The project was created in London, with the goal of forging a dialogue between Peruvian writers and English-speaking readers interested in going beyond what the  major publishers offer in  bookstores. We publish writers who up until now have had little exposure in English-speaking literary circles, while also serving as a forum for translators, readers and publishers interested in Peru’s finest literature.

SFP is also a sign that borders are shrinking, that Peruvian and Spanish-language literature is forever widening across frontiers, and we aim to draw attention to the invaluable role of translators  in making this happen. We hope that this space will be enriched by collaboration from new authors and translators and in the future will continue to grow, with more translations to read, and allow people from all over the English-speaking world access to these wonderful stories.

Special thanks to Felipe Uribe for his technological knowledge and great photography, to Jessica de Stoopman for helping with graphics and a very special thanks to the writers and our translators: Jethro Soutar, Ruth Clarke, Anna Heath, and Katherine Capaldi, who have kindly donated their time and talent to make this project possible.

Contact:  storiesfromperu@live.com

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